Vichy Hydrotherapy & Relaxation/Beauty Treatments

We smile with our eyes, talk through our skilled hands and give warmth through our hearts.

VICHY: Massage Under the Rain

Both a soothing and rejuvenating treatment under the warmth and comfort of a VICHY shower. While you bathe in the aromatic comfort of the shallow water-bed (your head and face are dry), your practitioner employs a sequence of massage techniques under the warmth of cascading rain drops. An incredibly relaxing and unique sensory experience, executed with panache for spa goers with a penchant for something extraordinary.

45 min


VICHY Hydrotherapy Treatment (RMT)

Add a VICHY hydrotherapy treatment to your RMT massage, or explore its therapeutic benefits on its own while guided by a registered massage therapist. A VICHY hydrotherapy treatment has many uses and health benefits:

• Lowers blood pressure
• Boosts immunity
• Detoxifies your body
• Improves the function of your internal organs
• Increases metabolic rate and digestion
• Increases circulation throughout your body
• Loosens tight muscles
• Firms and tones skin
• Relaxes and rejuvenates
• Improves quality of sleep

An RMT hydrotherapy treatment is an excellent choice for athletes (e.g., before or after an athletic event), for persons with tight muscles (e.g., back strain from sitting in a desk for prolonged periods of time), or for persons whose muscles are in need of toning. Based on an assessment of your current health condition, your RMT recommends a therapeutic course of treatment and employs a sequence of manual massage, coupled with water manipulation (e.g., water pressure, temperature). An excellent choice for persons who want to explore the magic of hydrotherapy in tandem with massage.

100 min


VICHY Explorer

A VICHY shower sampler for the curious spa-goer. Discover the wonders of the French practice of VICHY showers on its own or paired with other services. Your service provider manipulates water pressure, temperature and gives you a taste of the VICHY experience with brief massage sequences and aromatherapy. A must-try wonderland for your senses!

25 min


VICHY Shower Body Polish

Enjoy the pleasure of laying underneath a VICHY shower with eight adjustable shower jets to caress your body under an invigorating waterfall. While you are comfortably floating on a waterproof massage table, your service provider applies a body polish that exfoliates and hydrates your skin, leaving your body smooth and soft. Your treatment is customized with your choice of aromatherapy, ambient lighting, water-temperature control, music and other pleasant sensory experiences. A must-try for any spa goer. This service pairs well with massages (particularly with the holistic massage approach), but can also be enjoyed independently. *We supply you with disposable underwear for your treatment, but we suggest you bring your own swim wear (e.g., bikini or swim trunks) for this service.

30 min


VICHY Shower with Customized Body Wrap

A customized one-of-a-kind experience for the mind, body and soul. Melt away your stress as warm waters from the VICHY showers rain over your body, engulfing you in a sensory wonderland. This treatment begins with a ten-minute VICHY hydrotherapy segment, whereby the water movements from the suspended shower jets gently dance over your body, help increase blood circulation, hydrate the skin and sooth the nervous system. Subsequently, your service provider will apply a customized wrap (e.g., Dead Sea Mud Wrap, Algae & Kelp Wrap) to your body. While you’re comfortably wrapped in your treatment of choice, you will receive a twenty-minute head and foot massage. Lastly, your wrap is unfolded and your treatment is concluded with a finishing crème that complements the benefits your body wrap of choice.

* We provide disposable underwear for your VICHY treatment, but you may bring your own swimwear.
**Your head and hair remain dry throughout the service.

Customized VICHY Body Wrap Treatments with foot & head massage: Dead Sea Mud Wrap

60 min


Customized VICHY Body Wrap Treatments with foot & head massage: Dead Sea Mud Body Mask with Avocado & Superfoods (100% VEGAN)

60 min


Customized VICHY Body Wrap Treatments with foot & head massage: Algae & Kelp Wrap

60 min


Customized VICHY Body Wrap Treatments with foot & head massage: Anti-Cellulite Slimming, Toning & Tightening Body Wrap

60 min


*Buy any two of the above treatments and get the third treatment at 50% off.
**Ask us about the benefits of each wrap and/or its list of natural ingredients.

VICHY Head-to-toe: Scalp Exfoliation, Hair Treatment & Body Polish

Enjoy a 30 minute VICHY body polish followed by an invigorating head massage and scalp exfoliation. Remove excess skin cells, oil and dandruff that gather at the root of your hair to restore scalp and hair health. We use naturally sourced products to exfoliate scalp build-up, enabling hair follicles to grow healthy, shiny hair. This treatment involves a thorough scalp exfoliation (adjusted to your hair qualities), followed by an invigorating oil treatment massaged into your scalp and hair (through a 15-minute scalp massage). This treatment is completed with a deep conditioning mask. A deeply rich hair ritual that is gentle and safe for the most sensitized of scalps and hair, combined with an aromatic body polish to leave you refreshed from head to toe.

60 min