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Cupping therapy - this service temporary is NOT AVAILABLE

An ancient practise dating over a thousand years back to Egyptian, Middle Eastern and Chinese cultures. Having regained its popularity (and efficacy) in the modern world, this therapy offers a host of benefits such as: • Improvement in blood circulation • Release of muscle tension • Reduces anxiety • Cellular repair and formation of new connective tissues • Release of stagnant/congested toxins or blocks in the body (e.g., lymph, vital fluids and energy, phlegm and blood) • Helps reduce scars and cellulite • Improves visibility of varicose veins and spider veins • Aids in digestion • Helps relieve congestion in the lungs (from colds, bronchitis or asthma) Cupping philosophy purports that pain is a result of stagnation, congestion and blockages that obstruct proper flow of fluids and vital energies in the body. Cupping therapy breaks up blockages to restore the body’s natural flow of energy by releasing toxins. Specifically, focused blood flow enables your body to flush stagnant toxins through the lymphatic system. Small glass cups are used as suction devices to break up stagnation/congestion by drawing blood, energy and humours to the surface. The treatment offers a relaxing and relieving sensation, however some bruising marks should be expected around the treated sites (this is normal).
(Plus first assessment fee of $15)

20 min


VICHY Hydrotherapy Treatment & Massage Therapy (RMT)

Add a 30 minutes VICHY hydrotherapy treatment prior to your 60 minute RMT massage. A VICHY hydrotherapy treatment has many uses and health benefits:

• Lowers blood pressure
• Boosts immunity
• Detoxifies your body
• Improves the function of your internal organs
• Increases metabolic rate and digestion
• Increases circulation throughout your body
• Loosens tight muscles
• Firms and tones skin
• Relaxes and rejuvenates
• Improves quality of sleep

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, an RMT hydrotherapy treatment is an excellent choice for athletes (e.g., before or after an athletic event), for persons with tight muscles (e.g., back strain from sitting in a desk for prolonged periods of time), or for persons whose muscles are in need of toning. Based on an assessment of your current health condition, your RMT recommends a therapeutic course of treatment and employs a sequence of manual massage, coupled with water manipulation (e.g., water pressure, temperature). An excellent choice for persons who want to explore the magic of hydrotherapy in tandem with massage.

90 min


Massage for the Sole

Foot Bath and Therapeutic Compress with a Re-balancing & Re-energizing Foot Massage

An aromatic and therapeutic foot bath, followed by a rich botanical compress applied to your feet (foot wrap). This treatment includes a thorough foot massage to release tension, improve circulation, flexibility and relieve feet from cumulative stress/fatigue and soreness.

40 min