Facials and Skin Treatments

We smile with our eyes, talk through our skilled hands and give warmth through our hearts.

We maintain the belief that beauty truly comes from within, but adding a little radiance to your complexion certainly has some bearing on how you feel. A dose of extra confidence always adds some spring to your step. Start with your best face forward!

All of our facials and/or body treatments start with a thorough skin analysis. We understand the complexity and uniqueness of each client and customize each treatment to your specific needs. We use an established and trusted botanical line from Yonka, Paris and offer variety of treatments and skin care to help you look and feel your best.


Lunch Time Instant Glow Peel

A quick cleansing and exfoliating facial with a mild glycolic gel peel (“gommage”) that immediately reveals a radiant complexion and gives your skin a plump appearance. An ideal treatment for busy men and women.

35 min


Suggested ADD-ON:
Eye treatment: “The Eye-Opener”

A gentle retinol eye mask coupled with a lifting massage of the orbital area. Completed with an ultra-hydrating finishing cream, this treatment leaves the under-eye area smoothed, plumped, and gently lifted.


Lunch Time Instant Hydration

A quick dose of hydration for thirsty, lackluster skin. Enjoy an aromatic cleansing ritual, an active micro-peel, a nutrient-rich mask and a mix of rich hydration boosters to control the effects of moisture loss.

40 min


Signature BLOOM facial

A popular, deep cleansing facial with five exclusive sequences to decongest skin/pores, combat skin dullness/fatigue and firm facial contours. Customized to your skin concerns (e.g., dryness, congestion, hyperpigmentation, acne), this facial uses superb botanical products and masks in succession with specific massage techniques. The Signature Bloom facial employs a high frequency device to increase oxygen to the skin, aid in cell-turnover (collagen stimulation), and improve overall skin texture and tone. A pleasant-feeling facial with lasting results, recommended every 3-4 weeks.

70 min


Suggested ADD-ON:
Customized Eye Treatment

Targets one of the following concerns: (i) fine lines/wrinkles (ii) dullness in the under eye area (iii) dark circles (iv) collagen stimulation


Spring Complete Hydration Facial

An ultra-hydrating facial that combats dehydrated skin with a surge of moisturizing treatments. Includes a deep cleansing ritual to prep your thirsty skin for maximum product absorption, a high frequency treatment to stimulate collagen and a sequence of [facial] massage methods to plump the skin and revive lacklustre complexions.
This facial includes a superb hydrating and soothing eye treatment that smooths out the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles and adds a surge of moisture and brightness to the orbital region (suitable for sensitive eyes). An excellent treatment for persons who work in a dry environment (e.g., home/office) and/or during weather changes when seasonal factors such as cold air and harsh winds affect our skin qualities. A go-to facial for persons who don’t always have time to address their skin needs, want an immediate complexion revival, or wish to extend their filler injections with topical supports (collagen stimulants). Also recommended as pre/post sun treatment to prolong a sun-kissed radiance.

(*20% off all Yonka products coupled with this facial).

75 min


Yonka Anti-Aging Facials

A customized facial that addresses multiple signs of aging most common to each age group (i.e., 35-45 years, 45-55 years and 45-55 years and 55+ years). Each facial tackles age-related concerns such as loss of firmness, volume loss, skin dehydration, wrinkles/fine lines, enlarged pores, discoloration, and hormonal fluctuations or changes. All four facials address imperfections specific to individual needs, restore youthful qualities to the skin and fight future aging culprits.

Four of Yonka Paris’ customized anti-aging facials specific to each age group:

(1) Elastin Facial:

Anti-wrinkle, soothing facial: 35-45 years

60 min


(2) Time Resist Facial:

Time Defying, re-densifying facial: 45-55 years 

70 min


(3) Optimizer Facial:

Optimal lift effect, firming contour facial: 45-55+ years

70 min


(4) *Excellence Code Facial:

An exceptional anti-aging treatment that meets the needs of mature skin: 55+ years
*Excellence Code offers Yonka’s top-of-the line anti-aging professional products, with 4 patents covering its ingredients (e.g., Excellence Code Crème). The powerful treatments used in this facial have over 94% ingredients of natural origin. A global solution for mature skin, with unique results on all signs of aging, particularly those affected by hormonal changes (55+).

70 min


We suggest consulting with your esthetician regarding post-care with Yonka products to sustain and extend your anti-aging results over time.
(*20% off all Yonka products coupled with this facial).

Yonka Peeling Facial

Lift and plump your skin naturally with a sequence of advanced products and treatments from the Yonka OPTIMIZER professional line. Rich with botanical peptides that support the infrastructure of the epidermis, marine collagen, Vitamin C and horse tail extract, this facial is the ultimate treatment for visibly younger skin that provides firmer, smoother and redefined facial contours with a lifting effect.

(*20% off all OPTIMIZER Yonka products coupled with this facial to sustain skin firmness).

60 min


Suggested ADD-ON:
Eye treatment: “The Eye Opener”

A gentle retinol eye mask coupled with a lifting massage of the orbital area. Completed with a finishing cream, this treatment leaves the under-eye area smoothed, plumped and gently lifted.


RF Lifting Facial Treatment

A wonderful and painless treatment for visibly younger, smoother looking skin and redefined facial contours. Radiofrequency (RF) skin tightening technology can easily and painlessly deliver a non-surgical lift to the face, helping with the appearance of sagging skin and wrinkles by stimulating collagen and elastin production. Simply put, the RF machine emits radiofrequency waves that heat skin tissue. As a result, your body stimulates collagen in the “injured” tissue, tightens the skin and improves the appearance of wrinkles. Heat generated by RF waves can also reduce fat layers and improve the shape of the face (e.g., more prominent contours). High frequency facials are deemed a gentle, safe and therapeutic approach to skin rejuvenation. This facial includes treatments with anti-aging and firming supports from the Yonka’s botanical line to optimize results. Recommended as a treatment course for best results.


40 min


$320 for 4 treatments

Face and neck

40 min


$380 for 4 treatments

ACNE Facial

This superb Yonka facial targets skin impurities, blocked pores, and/or break outs. An intensive treatment of nine specific sequences to help acne, or acne-prone skin look and feel its best. Customized to skin type, acne type (e.g., papulopustular acne, microcystic acne or acne in the scarring phase), as well as other skin qualities, this facial is as individual as you are. The ACNE Facials consists of deep cleansing rituals, micro-peels, extractions, masks and a succession of superb botanical treatments that purify, calm and heal your skin. *OPTION: Your medical esthetician may use a high frequency (RF) device to spot-treat your pimples. RF technology delivers targeted thermal energy to heat the sebaceous gland, destroying acne causing bacteria and calming inflammation on contact. This is a quick, painless process that yields excellent outcomes. RF technology is a popular and safe treatment for acne as it instantly reduces acne-causing bacteria, treats stubborn pimples/acne and reduces inflammation.

75-80 min


ZEN Hot-Stone Facial

A deeply relaxing facial that gives stressed, parched and lifeless skin an incomparable boost to wellbeing. Hot stones are strategically moved around your face, neck and decollate as your skin is treated with ultra-hydrating botanical preparations. A comforting treatment that combines a tension-releasing massage with facial and decollate treatments to nourish skin and illuminate your complexion.

60 min


Oxygen Facial - this service temporary is NOT AVAILABLE

An oxygen facial improves blood circulation to the face, giving skin a healthy, supple and radiant appearance. This procedure offers a host of benefits such as a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, collagen stimulation, pore decongestion, improvement in skin clarity and tone, improvement in acne and rosacea, and a reduction of symptoms related to skin-stress. Oxygen facials bring relief to redness (e.g., rosacea), improve blotchy complexions and give strength to delicate, inflamed and broken capillaries.

 Oxygen helps heal wounds and kills certain bacteria on the skin, making this a fantastic treatment for persons with breakouts or acne. During the procedure, highly-concentrated streams of oxygen molecules are sprayed to the skin’s epidermis. The oxygen applied to your skin is infused with vitamins, minerals, essential nutrients and botanical extracts, giving your skin immediate radiance and plumpness.

50 min


Hyperpigmentation Brightening Facial Treatment

A non-invasive, cumulative treatment facial that targets and brightens surface brown spots. An excellent non-invasive option for persons who are not comfortable with laser/IPL treatments in treating their hyperpigmentation. With five sequences specific to hyperpigmented skin, this facial systemically lightens darkened areas on the face and decollate, while nourishing and smoothing the skin’s appearance over time. The results of these treatments are cumulative; with each treatment to be delivered 1-2 times per week, for a total of 6/7 treatments.

Single treatment 50 min: $100

3 Treatments 50 mins each: $270

6 Treatments 50 mins each: $480

Calming Facial for Sensitive Skin and Redness

A redness diffusing, soothing and highly nourishing facial for sensitive skin, easily aggravated by environmental factors, biological changes and preexisting skin conditions. This facial calms irritation, decreases the appearance of redness associated with conditions such as rosacea, protects, corrects, and boosts skin health by strengthening delicate capillaries. A richly calming, protecting and correcting facial with eight sequences to address specific sensitive-skin concerns, leaving skin supple, nourished even-toned.

75 min


GLOW Light Therapy Facial

A customized Yonka facial specific to your skin concerns, coupled with the following light treatments to enhance the benefits of your facial and overall skin health:

• BLUE light treatment for ACNE
• VIOLET light treatment for pigmentation
• RED light treatment for instant glow, collagen production, improvement in the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles and overall complexion.

*Light therapy independent of facial: $60 per session (for maintenance of healthy skin)

70 min


Yonka Signature Eye Treatment

A deeply hydrating, firming and rejuvenating treatment for your eyes only. Customized to address skin concerns around the orbital region such as crow’s feet, wrinkled eyelids, puffiness and/or dark circles. A nine-sequence treatment with powerful botanical ingredients to restore radiance to the orbital region, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and other imperfections surrounding the skin around your eyes. A richly nourishing, corrective and preventative eye treatment to reverse signs of aging, fatigue, dehydration and strengthen the delicate skin around your eyes.

45 min



All of our advanced skincare procedures are administered by our experienced team of medical aestheticians and/or by a registered nurse (RN).


Reveal youthful, glowing skin from years of accumulated build-up and skin-stress. A non-surgical, comfortable procedure which uses microcrystals to remove dead skin cells and reveal smooth, healthy, glowing skin. Microdermabrasion helps improve skin appearance by reducing early signs of sun damage, fine lines, large pores, and shallow acne marks. Recommended as an ongoing treatment (4-6 sessions) for best results. A microdermabrasion facial immediately enhances overall skin appearance by reducing many visible skin imperfections. The effects of this treatment are significantly augmented and more enduring than a standalone facial or a standalone microdermabrasion treatment.


$120 for 3 or more treatments

Face, neck and decollate


$130 for 3 or more treatments

Microdermabrasion Facial

A microdermabrasion procedure (described above) coupled with a customized Yonka facial specific to your individual skin concerns/needs. This facial facilitates a remarkable improvement in product absorption after your microdermabrasion treatment. A microdermabrasion facial immediately enhances overall skin appearance by reducing the appearance of multiple skin imperfections and its effects are significantly augmented and enduring than a microdermabrasion treatment alone.

75 min


Microneedling/Collagen Induction and Mesotherapy - this service temporary is NOT AVAILABLE

A popular treatment involving fine needles that create invisible puncture wounds in the top layer of your skin. The repair process, namely collagen induction, begins almost immediately when fibroblasts – the cells that synthesize new collagen – activate. Collagen and elastin is our skin’s scaffolding, hence collagen induction helps minimize wrinkles, scarring and improve overall skin appearance. Similar to certain laser procedures, microneedling injures the skin to ignite your body’s healing processes, however, a laser uses heat/light to puncture the skin, while microneedling involves invisible puncture wounds performed manually.
Our microneedling practitioners are certified, use sterilize (preservative free) hyaluronic acid as well as other nourishing topical agents during your treatment. When microneedling is used with the appropriate (and safe) topical serums, the skin’s ability to absorb vitamins, enzymes, lipids and other ingredients is remarkably enhanced. Recommended as an ongoing treatment (4-6 sessions) for remarkable results.

30-45 min


$130 for 3 or more treatments

High Frequency Facial Treatment

A popular and gentle procedure that yields beautiful, youthful results with no down-time. Helps treat and prevent stubborn acne, reduce large pores, minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, stimulates collagen production and adds a lifting effect to skin contours. High frequency facials are a safe, gentle and therapeutic approach to skin rejuvenation, quickly healing and rejuvenating your skin’s health and appearance.

40 min


$75 for maintenance treatments