Body Treatments

We smile with our eyes, talk through our skilled hands and give warmth through our hearts.

Bacial (Back Facial)

A thorough back, upper arm/shoulder exfoliation and peel to decongest clogged pores, manage Keratosis Pilaris (KP), rid of dead skin cells and improve overall skin texture and tone. This treatment is adjusted to address your specific concerns and customized based on your assessment with your esthetician (e.g., drainage and extraction of mild-to-moderate acne cysts, blackhead extractions, skin texture correction). A Bacial is both a preventative and reactive treatment for stubborn back pimples, in-grown hairs, KP and blackheads that form in hard-to-reach areas.

*Please bring loose fitting clothing post treatment and avoiding strenuous activity to limit sweating.

60-70 min


Bottoms Up: Thigh & Bottom Treatment

An excellent treatment specific to your upper thighs and bottom. This treatment involves a thorough cleansing to remove impurities specific to the region, a gentle peel that clears skin congestion and dead skin cells, and a reviving, firming wrap. Concluded with a finishing hydration + firming treatment, and a cellulite-targeting massage to give your bottom a firming boost. The Bottoms Up treatement improves circulation, helps with cellulite, remarkably softens and plumps the skin. Bonus: it feels really good!

*We supply disposable undies for this procedure, but you are welcome to bring your own.

60 min


Massage for the Sole

Foot Bath and Therapeutic Compress with a Re-balancing & Re-energizing Foot Massage

An aromatic and therapeutic foot bath, followed by a rich botanical compress applied to your feet (foot wrap). This treatment includes a thorough foot massage to release tension, improve circulation, flexibility and relieve feet from cumulative stress/fatigue and soreness.

40 min