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We smile with our eyes, talk through our skilled hands and give warmth through our hearts.

About Spring Day Spa & wellness Centre

Designed by spa-goers for other spa-goers, Spring Day Spa & Wellness Centre was based on a simple concept: create a consistent, client-centered spa experience in a beautiful, but unpretentious environment. From our selection of seasonal gourmet teas and snacks, to our thoughtful selection of music, linens and aromas, we’ve spared no effort in emphasizing an atmosphere to nourish your wellbeing. Release your tensions from the modern world under the soothing rain drops of a VICHY shower, or find tranquility in our private steam and sauna facilities. Fall into the welcoming hands of our practitioners who possess a constant willingness to make you happy – so you may look and feel your best! Our naturally sourced botanicals and excellent product lines complement the work of our highly skilled therapists and medical estheticians. We borrow methods from ancient spa rituals, create and innovate to transform your experience, and use the harmonious balance of science and nature so you may truly indulge in the extraordinary. Explore our Transformative Rituals as well as individual treatments to reveal your beauty, release your stress and lift your spirits.



We smile with our eyes, talk through our skilled hands and give warmth through our hearts!

Our goal is to offer outstanding customer service on par with excellent spa treatments. We pay extra attention to the finer details to make your spa time more rewarding, not more expensive. We were influenced by some of our own most memorable spa experiences from around the globe, while addressing common voids in the industry. Whether you’re interested in skin services, laser treatments, micropigmentation or tension relief, we want you to feel like you’re at the center of our world. We know how to listen to your individual needs, offer you an experience beyond your treatment of choice, and when to step back to let you enjoy your spa time. In sum, we strive to make you happy and offer you a serene place in the heart of the city where you can still your mind, ignite your glow and add some spring to your step.

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